Make the Three Kings video call you


Today is January 5, and therefore the Three Kings arrive tonight. But it is a very atypical January 5, while in some communities / provinces / cities there will be parades of Kings and in others not. Although we are once again with the number of infected on the rise, the maxim today is that the little ones do not lose their illusion. And for that, nothing better than their own Eastern majesties assure them that they will go that night.

Video call Three Wise Men

Do you want Los Reyes Magos to make a video call to your mobile so that your children can see it and also be able to record it?

You can do it with this application for Android. The video call of the Three Kings “is free and there will be no additional costs.” The application is 100% free and does not integrate purchases nor does it need to use any data from your operator, although you must give it the required permissions to be able to simulate the call.

Just download it and follow the instructions to surprise your child. It will not be a long video call, but it will surely make you excited if you still believe in the Three Kings. We also leave you another app if you have an Apple iPhone or iPad


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