How to make a live on Instagram? See six tips for live videos


Doing a live on Instagram is a great way to interact with followers in real time to chat about any topic, publicize a job or just as a hobby. During the coronavirus prevention quarantine, live videos are being extensively explored by famous artists, who have even performed music festivals through lives, and also by anonymous users, who use the space to play and spend time with friends. .

In order for broadcasts to be seen by more people, Instagram sends notifications alerting followers that the user is live, but it is necessary to take care in the production of the live to hold the attention of the viewers and ensure that they watch the video until the end. Check out how to live on Instagram below and see tips to make your live videos more interesting and attractive.

How to make a live on Instagram?
Step 1. Open Instagram and tap the camera icon to open Stories. Then, find the option “Live” on the bottom carousel;

Step 2. Tap the capture button to start the live stream. There is no need to hold the button, as the recording is continuous;

Step 3. In the menu at the bottom of the screen, you can view comments and questions from viewers, share the live with other friends, invite people to join the video with you, add filters to your face and show photos from the gallery to your spectators;

Step 4. At the end of the transmission, tap “End” at the top of the screen and confirm the action. Instagram will show how many people watched your live and give you the option to download the video on your phone or save it to your Stories. If you choose to save, the live will be available in full to your followers within the next 24 hours.

To make lives that hold the attention of your followers, you need to be aware of some factors that can help the transmission to have a good engagement. Given the large amount of content on Instagram, presenting poorly produced videos, with technical problems or without interesting subjects will cause followers to abandon the broadcast quickly. Check out some tips to make a good live video on Instagram below.

1. Attention to video and audio quality
Make sure that your phone’s camera has a good video capture quality, especially the front one, which is generally inferior to the rear, but is more used for this type of transmission. You can test the audio and video in advance to ensure that there are no problems. If you want to invest a little more, use a tripod to support your phone and leave it stable in a professional manner, avoiding falls or surprises during transmission.

As for the audio, use a natural tone of voice, but one that is clear and audible to everyone, avoiding talking too low or shouting. In the case of external transmissions, use a headset that contains a microphone, as the voice pickup in open environments is less.

Another issue is the quality of the Internet used in lives. Wi-Fi connections are more suitable than cellular networks, as they have greater stability and transmission quality, thus preventing live video from being interrupted. A drop in signal in a live can generate a possible large evasion of viewers, who will look for better quality content available at that moment.

2. Invite others to the live
Instagram allows you to invite friends to appear on the live with you. With this feature, the screen is split in half, allowing viewers to watch both screens at the same time while people interact with each other. This strategy can guarantee greater public involvement, as there will be other issues to be addressed during the conversation. In addition, the lives are disclosed by Instagram in the two profiles that are participating in the broadcast, reaching the followers of both accounts, which can guarantee a greater number of viewers.

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To invite someone to come live with you, just touch the two-face icon that appears in the bottom menu. Then, just select the guest from the list of users – it is important to highlight that it is only possible to invite one person who is already watching the live. On the other hand, followers can also request to participate in your broadcast.

3. Publicize the live before
Although Instagram sends notifications to followers, warning that you are broadcasting online, some people may have disabled notifications in their settings, which limits the scope of these alerts. To make sure your friends know about your video, share your live via Direct using the airplane icon available in the bottom broadcast menu.

Another way to publicize the live is to publish a Story hours before the broadcast, warning the followers that you will be live at a certain time. In this same space, you can already advance the subject that will be treated in the video, arousing the interest of friends. Using the countdown sticker can help to create expectations in the audience.

4. Interact with the public
Lives can be used so that you can unfold into longer subjects and create interesting debates, but there must be interaction with followers to arrest them. During the broadcast, read the comments that people are sending and reply on the video itself, citing the name of the follower, so that they feel flattered to have been quoted and see that you are interacting with everyone. Try to follow the sending of the messages to answer one by one, but if the volume is very large, try to attend to the most interesting and that can foster new conversations.

The platform also offers the option to “wave” to someone as soon as they enter the room. In this case, a small notification will alert the follower that you have noticed their presence. The questions section of the lives also allows you to answer specific questions submitted by the participants.

5. Use all the features of the menu
The lower menu of the lives offers several features to make the transmission more interesting and less monotonous. It is possible to use all the filters that you have in Stories during the live, to play with the followers, and also to display in full screen any image stored in the cell phone gallery, ideal to illustrate the conversation with pictures and figures in practice.

The person who is transmitting can also write comments and fix an important item, such as the subject being dealt with at the moment, so that those latecomers know immediately what is being talked about when entering the half of the transmission.

6. Prepare a script and an environment for the live
Instagram lives are limited to 60 minutes in duration, and you can end before that at any time. Regardless of the period you want to spend live, you need to have enough content to not make the video monotonous. To do this, create a script of subjects that you want to address in the broadcast, being able to separate important topics or questions that can generate audience interaction.

It is also important to avoid going too long without saying anything, just reading comments. Remember that people are watching because they want to learn something, to know your opinion on a subject or to see you do something, and not just watch you read in silence.

Also remember that a good broadcast should be done in a well-lit environment with a pleasant setting, framing your face in the center of the screen so that followers can see you well. It is worthwhile to tidy up your table, or in the bedroom or living room that will inevitably appear as the background of the transmission, and avoid showing objects that may attract more attention than what you are talking about.


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