How to make a complaint on Uber? Know reports driver discrimination


Making a complaint on Uber is possible in the service application for Android and iPhone (iOS), which offers its users the possibility to report any type of discrimination by drivers. The resource is a way of indicating to the company attitudes of professionals that indicate contempt for food, sexual orientation, ideology, religion and personal characteristics, such as appearance. The user must indicate the race in which the problem occurred, describe the driver’s attitude.

According to Uber, the complaint is investigated and drivers can receive sanctions that follow the code of conduct on the platform. In addition, the company says it can collaborate with authorities in the event of a police investigation. Check out how to make a complaint on Uber and report a type of discrimination suffered during a race through the app.

How to claim on Uber
Step 1. Open the application and tap on the three bars icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Then, access the option “Your trips” to check your race history;

Step 2. Tap on the description of the trip on which the discrimination occurred. In the list “Details of the trip”, access the option “I felt / was discriminated”;

Step 3. Add the date by tapping on “Incident date” and set the “Incident time”;

Step 4. In order for your complaint to be submitted and registered at Uber, press the “Submit” button.

Uber will review the case and will contact you for further clarification.


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