Major update to Stellar Lumens: Protocol 15 announced


The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) has released a crucial update for Stellar Lumens blockchain users. According to the statement, no updates will be made to ensure the implementation of Protocol 14. It was stated that SDF found serious errors in the update after Protocol 14 was implemented at the end of September. Therefore, the voting day for the network update is set as Monday, November 23rd.

After finding the errors, SDF fixed it and uploaded the new update to the test network. The update uploaded on October 20 was recorded as Protocol 15. We were informed that this step was taken to avoid confusion and to ensure that all validators are using the updated version of Stellar Core. The statement made by the SDF said:

“Bugs were discovered just at a time when the test net was about to emerge. Before we make a change in the public network, we check the situation in the test network in detail and solve errors that would never have existed in the production environment over a very large period of time.

These new features announced for Stellar will be implemented with the installation of Protocol 15 on the main network on November 23, 2020. SDF requested its users to collaborate and upgrade to 15.0.0 on Stellar Core and Horizon users to version 1.10.1. Both were stated to be Protocol 15 versions.

The SDF stated that these versions are backwards compatible and will continue to support the current version of the Stellar protocol, while users should be careful about:

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“If you are using the Stellar SDK and installed a version that supports Protocol-14, you will not have any problems. This update does not require changes at the SDK level. If you haven’t done so, please do it as soon as possible. ”

In a separate version, two new features that Protocol 15 will bring to Stellar Lumens are specified. The first was shown as “eligible balances” and the second as “Sponsored reserves”. When the update is installed, these features will allow applications and services using Stellar to spread to a wider audience. SDF said on the subject:

“After the update, developers will be able to create a system that will eliminate the complexity of the blockchain and achieve simpler user experiences. will continue to be done with fast, cheap and permission-free open ledger.


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