Major update for PUBG Mobile coming


Although PUBG seems to be somewhat overshadowed by other great war games on consoles and PCs, the mobile version of the game is one of the most successful games on the planet. The upcoming 1.0 update for PUBG Mobile also promises huge performance gains. In addition, the game will host an e-sports tournament in November, where a total of $ 2 million in prize money will be distributed.

Under PUBG Mobile, China’s technology and gaming giant Tencent has its signature. The 1.0 update of the game, which will be released on September 8, will increase the frame rate by 30 percent. Delay will decrease by 76 percent. These rates will vary depending on the type of device used. Some visual changes will also be made in the game. While the main lobby screen is being renewed; Parachute, sprint, and in-game movements will also change.

In the press release made by Tencent, the following statements are made on the subject: “Particles, smoke, air blasts, flames from rifles and the scale of interaction will become even more realistic. Plants, air and water will look much more vivid thanks to upgrades in light systems and increase in tissue quality. The improvement in pattern and texture quality will provide a more realistic feel and a higher quality experience. ”

In November, a combined World Championship and World League event will kick off in the e-sports section of PUBG Mobile. The event in question will be called PUBG Mobile Global Championship. At the event, players from different continents will fight for a share of the $ 2 million prize pool. Due to the epidemic, no major events will be held within the scope of the championship. However, the league, which will start in November, will be held in different studios.

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PUBG Mobile, which was released in 2018, surpassed the PC version with its success. According to data from Sensor Tower, the game generated $ 1.3 billion in revenue last year. The game has been downloaded 600 million times and the number of active players is around 50 million. It is stated that 150 million players played the Game of Peace version of the game in China.


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