Major update for Firefox Android app


Mozilla has prepared an update for the Firefox Android application that brings many innovations. Most of the innovations in the package, which also includes performance optimizations, were transferred directly from the desktop application to Android. With the changes made, it is aimed that Firefox users have a smoother experience between different platforms.

Among the changes made, the first thing that strikes the eye is that the address bar has been moved to the bottom of the screen. Thus, it is aimed that those who use a large screen phone with one hand can reach the address bar more easily. However, those who are not satisfied with this view can move the address bar to the top of the screen again if they wish.

In line with Firefox’s privacy-oriented approach, a feature called Advanced Tracking Protection has been added to the service. There are three presets in this feature. These presets are named Standard, Strict, and Custom. In the default setting, Standard, content followers used for ads are not blocked. The Firefox Focus feature allows users to open links in special tabs.

Another new feature called Collections works just like bookmarks. Users can send web pages that interest them to these collections for easy access later. In this way, the tab crowd in the browser is slightly reduced.

With the update, some new possibilities are given to third-party add-ons. Most of these plugins, which started to be supported with past versions, were not optimized for mobile devices. Mozilla aims to overcome this situation with mobile certified add-ons. Although only 10 add-ons receive this certificate for now, the number of these add-ons is aimed to increase in the coming period.

The ability to play videos in Picture-in-Picture mode is among the innovations Mozilla offers in Firefox Android. Mozilla points out that the page loading speed will also increase by 10 percent.

The update for the Firefox Android application has been released in Europe. In North America, the distribution process will start on August 27.


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