Major Siri innovations coming with iOS 14


With the iOS 14, iPadOS14 and watchOS 7 updates released last week, Apple devices have a brand new look and features, and Siri, the world’s most popular smart assistant, is here with new capabilities. According to Apple, Siri, which responds to more than 25 billion user requests per month, now has more than 20 times more information than 3 years ago.

Thanks to the advances in machine learning algorithms, Siri’s speech and intonation is much more natural with these new voices; His sentences became much more fluent. Moreover, Siri now speaks on the Apple Watch and answers your questions with these two new voices.

To experience Siri’s new voices, you can immediately ask Siri about her favorite song, how she’s doing, or what she’s doing on vacation.

Siri’s new compact design

Answering user requests with a more compact experience with iOS 14, Siri continues to support you while doing other tasks on the screen. When you call Siri for a request, Siri appears at the bottom of the screen, and when it offers you the result you want, it appears at the top of the screen similar to this notification. The search results have also been updated to give you exactly the information you want in this compact design.

Also, thanks to the new design, you can quickly do what you want to do with Siri and move on to your next job. When Siri opens an app, controls music, makes calls, or gets directions, it immediately exits the screen. Thus, you can access the information on the screen in the fastest way and look at it easily. In this way, you can make your search quickly while dealing with other information on the screen. For example, you can take advantage of things like Siri adding real-time items to a list you make.

What can be done with Siri?

You can ask the smart assistant Siri to do many tasks for you. For example, Siri can make calls or send messages for you while you’re driving, your hands are full, or when you’re on the move. It can also read your messages to you on your AirPods. It can even provide proactive suggestions, such as sending a message to your colleague that you will be late for the meeting. So you always stay connected effortlessly.

Here are a few suggestions on what you can ask Siri to do:

“Call my mother on the loudspeaker”
“Text Carl: I’m late, I’m on the road a little bit”
“Send a message to Burcu on WhatsApp: I’m late for the next lesson”
“Call my dad on FaceTime”
With Siri, you can now send voice messages with iOS, iPadOS and CarPlay. With this update, it is possible to do this with 3rd party applications thanks to SiriKit.

In addition, Siri supports you in your daily work. With Siri, you can easily set alarms, set timers and reminders, schedule a meeting or check your calendar. Siri, which does all this for you without taking your device in your hand, can also help you have a comfortable day by anticipating your needs based on your daily routines.

Here are a few suggestions for Siri to help you more in your daily life:

“Hey Siri, wake me up at 6:30 in the morning”
“Remind me to stop by the market when I get in the car”
“What else is on my calendar for today?”
“Count down from 10 minutes”
“How’s the weather tomorrow?”
“Make a shopping list”

Listen to music with Siri

According to Apple, Apple Music and Siri work in perfect harmony. You can ask Siri to find a new song you like, play an album you like, or even answer questions about bands you are a fan of. Siri can suggest your favorite playlist when you arrive at the gym or hit the road to return home. You can also ask Siri to make the following requests:

“What song is this playing?”
“Steal something I love”
“Play Drake’s last album”
“When was this song released?”
Siri knows a lot more than 3 years ago

Apple says Siri knows 20 times more than it did 3 years ago. With Siri, you can quickly access the information you want, perform calculations or learn something new, even when your hands are full.

Even when you don’t want anything from it, Siri works like your personal assistant in the background. The Siri watch face on the Apple Watch, or the Siri Toolkit that came new with iOS 14, is the best examples of this. It’s a great feature that shows events, news, notifications and more just when you need them.

Siri can quickly find photos, point out the location of your parked car, or find what you’re looking for from a huge stack of files. Apple also emphasizes that these capabilities of Siri are optimized for every Apple device. This way, you can get the help you need wherever you are.

Some of the questions you can ask Siri on all Apple devices:

“Hey Siri, I lost my AirPods”
“Show me the photos I took with my father in Izmir”
“Show me my photos on the beach last summer”
“Open the presentation I worked on yesterday”


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