Major Changes in This Character Keep Fans Captive


While most of Vought’s heroes in The Boys are selfish charlatans, a few go the extra mile, none more so than Homelander, the company’s main hero and leader of the world-famous superhero group, The Seven.

The Boys’ Homelander is now a wild, wounded animal huddled in a corner. Ryan rejected his father, destroying Homelander’s dream of a partner. Later, Queen Maeve’s blackmail pushed Homelander into a cage.

Considering he once burned a film set because his girlfriend was a few minutes late, Homelander evidently doesn’t respond well to hearing the word “no,” and when The Boys season 3 begins he could lose control altogether.

Homelander pleasures himself from a rooftop to the unsuspecting population below, verbally asserting that he is still in full control, an event that can be taken as another blow to Homelander’s mental stability in The Boys.

Publicly, Homelander ends season 2 of The Boys with a typically stiff upper lip, maintaining the illusion of a man in control. Homelander shows that his psyche is more tense than ever.

Behind the grin, Homelander unties himself, desperate and trapped on his back foot. Queen Maeve and the boys will undoubtedly be the first victims of Homelander’s new craze in season three of The Boys.

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