Major change coming for Google Meet free calls


Google removed the video call time limit for all users on the Google Meet video chat platform in April. In other words, all users could make video calls as long as they wanted without time limit. Google has announced that this will continue until September 30, and it seems the company is sticking to this calendar. After September 30, the free versions of Meet will not exceed 60 minutes in length.

“We have nothing to convey regarding changes to the promotion and advanced features that have ended,” a Google representative posted on The Verge site. said. “If this changes, we will definitely let you know.”

During the extension possibility, any user with a Google account could create free calls with up to 100 people without time limit.

Meanwhile, as of September 30, access to advanced features offered to G Suite and G Suite Education customers will also be restricted. These features include creating interviews with up to 250 participants, broadcasting a maximum of 100,000 people under a single domain name, and recording the interview recordings on Google Drive. These features are normally available to G Suite corporate customers for a monthly fee of $ 25 per user.

Google Meet and other video conferencing platforms are trying to catch the extreme rise of Zoom during the coronavirus pandemic. Meet announced last April that it had exceeded 100 million daily participants.

Of course, those who do not want to switch to a paid Meet plan due to the expiration of the time set by Google and no extension will have to finish their teleconference in 60 minutes. In fact, free users don’t seem to have much to lose, considering that most calls will not exceed this period.

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