Major blow to crypto money removed from McAfee’s project


Known for his support for digital currencies, John McAfee announced with his tweet that he will no longer be in the Ghost project.

Famous cybersecurity expert John McAfee, founder of antivirus software McAfee, left the Ghost project. While the world-renowned cyber security expert emphasized the inadequacy of the team behind the project, the token lost more than 50 percent after McAfee announced his departure.

McAfee said he left the project due to administrative problems, and he spoke harshly enough to say that the Ghost token project was doomed to fail. McAfee also apologized to those who suggested the project:

“I’m quitting the Ghost project. This management is very weak. Undoubtedly, the project will fail. I tried to explain the basic principles that management should have, but their ears were deaf. I apologize to those who got involved in the project because of me. Sorry”

It is also obvious that McAfee and the company did not leave friendly… The company described the famous expert as “a rusted weapon”, while McAfee said “Stupid” to one of the management.

Seeking new tokens for phone project

In another tweet, McAfee said he would start looking for a new cryptocurrency, possibly privacy-focused, for the Ghost phone project, which is expected to start on September 30.

The famous cybersecurity expert spoke as follows:

“I added Ghost to the project ecosystem because I was sure he (Josh Case) would focus 100 percent on the project. He never kept this promise fully. I cannot support a manager dealing with jobs like Clearpoll or Ethershare ”

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After McAfee’s announcement, the Ghost token fell more than 50 percent and is currently trading at $ 0.2898.


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