Maisie Williams Recently Watched Game of Thrones, And She Has Some Candid Thoughts


Whenever you have a series loved by millions of people around the world, the finale of this show will be a difficult thing, and many TV shows end with endings that cannot please the audience. But there are a few series that have attracted as much negative attention in the final season as “Game of Thrones,” and the HBO megahit has angered so many people, and to such an extent that fans have started a petition to have the season removed. 8 redone. Fantasy stars have had a lot to say about it since this chapter of their lives closed, but now that Maisie Williams has reviewed it, she has some candid thoughts about it.

What did Maisie Williams say about Game of Thrones after watching it again?

There is hardly such a thing as “destination viewing” when it comes to the many millions of people who simultaneously sit down to watch a popular TV show during the premiere of a new episode (with the possible exception of the spin-off of “Game of Thrones”, “House of Dragon”), but the story of several families fighting for power, definitely matched that description. Although a few months before the finale, the performer of the role of Arya Stark noted that she was “proud” of the eighth season, while admitting that fans probably would not be “satisfied” with it, during a recent conversation with the creator of Twitch Talfuin (via TikTok), Williams shared her opinion about the series after he revised all this by saying:

It was… It definitely dropped at the end [laughs]. But it started very strongly.

Well, there! It was probably difficult for a young talent to have an objective view of something that changed her life a lot, as GOT did when she was still in the middle or even right after finishing work on it. She officially ended her involvement with the hit in the summer of 2018, but a few months before these episodes started airing, and the amount of publicity surrounding them until the end of next year, it makes a lot of sense that it took some time. for Williams to come back to this and make an honest assessment.

There are still a lot of former devoted fans who continue to despise the last season, so the actress is far from alone in her thoughts about where the series that made her a star began and ended. Other “Game of Thrones” actors, such as John Bradley, also noted that it was “extremely unlikely” that the writers would have been able to please more than a “fraction” of fans anyway, but some staunchly defended the finale, calling it “perfect.”

So even the stars of the series don’t agree on much, other than the fact that they all worked hard to do their best with what Season 8 gave them, it’s probably fair to say that we’re going to argue. about this finale, and it’s a lot of unanswered questions for years to come.


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