Maisie Williams ready to marry Reuben Selby?


Maisie Williams ready to marry Reuben Selby? But what does Maisie Williams think of the wedding? Quickly discover her statements to find out!

If editor recently revealed everything you need to know about the adorable couple formed by Maisie Williams and Reuben Selby , a question remains unanswered. Are the two lovebirds planning to marry? During an interview with Vulture in 2014, the unforgettable Arya Stark in Game of Thrones replied in cash to the possibility of going up the aisle to the altar: “There now, my opinion on marriage, c is extremely useless. I understand why people get married but I would never do it. I always draw on my left ring finger because I know I would never wear a wedding ring on this finger. My parents separated when I was very, very young and since then there have been only complications. ”

Maisie Williams continued, “Maybe when I am in love, I will change my mind, but now? It makes things more difficult to break up. You can’t just leave. I don’t want to find myself trapped . I don’t like staying in the same place for too long. I used to move everywhere, I never land anywhere. So getting married would be synonymous with being trapped. ” A decision could not be more clear. Whatever she decides to do, the choice is her. In any case, the young actress seems happier than ever with her boyfriend and that is the main thing. For ever more cuteness, discover the pretty declaration of


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