Main character in the series we haven’t seen on television in a long time


For six years, between 2004 and 2010, Matthew Fox was present on television screens in the United States and around the world. Over the course of six seasons and 121 episodes, Fox played Dr. Jack Shephard on the ABC drama series Lost, about survivors of a plane crash that occurs on a remote, sometimes mystical island in the South Pacific Ocean. The role was Fox’s most significant in his career up to that point and, in fact, it will be to date.

Many of his colleagues in the program have enjoyed quite significant career paths since then. Maggie Grace is now known for playing Althea Szewczyk-Przygocki on The Walking Dead and she also enjoyed a recurring role on the dramatic comedy Californication. Josh Holloway has starred in Colony and Yellowstone, while for example Daniel Dae Kim was a main character in Hawaii Five-O.

But life has not been so rosy for Matthew Fox, with job opportunities from very few. So what is the story behind the rise and subsequently the apparent downfall of the talented actor? As the story unfolds, Jack emerges as the leader of the group of survivors and is key to solving the multiple challenges they face.

However, he struggles to reconcile the supernatural events that occur on the island with his usual logical and science-based thought process. Flashbacks are an important stylistic storytelling device in Lost. Through these, the plot reviews the lives of the survivors before the accident. For Dr. Shephard, his relationships with his father and his wife were strained as a result of his obsessive personality traits.

Matthew Fox’s excellence on Lost culminated in his first (and only) Golden Globe and Emmy nominations, and while he did not win, it was an achievement that he reveled. Towards the end of his time on Lost, Fox starred in two films: Vantage Point and Speed ​​Racer. While these roles gave the actor another boost, he received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. He was last seen on the big screen in 2015, as a character named Brooder in Western Bone Tomahawk, a critical success that nevertheless failed poorly at the box office. Most striking of all, he has not been cast in any other television role since Lost.

He probably didn’t help that it was plagued by controversies outside of his field of work, as in 2011, a woman indicted and charged him for alleged physical assault after a verbal disagreement between the two. Although the charges were later dropped, his Lost co-star Dominic Monaghan wrote in a social media tweet strongly disagreeing with what happened. The actor’s version? His absence from the screens is due to a lack of “quality opportunities.”