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Actor Rupert Grint, known for playing Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter franchise, talked about the Servant series and how fatherhood has changed his relationship with acting. The interview took place during a ComicBook panel to publicize the new season of the AppleTV series. According to Grint, the plot is the worst to participate in after you become a father.

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Harry Potter Rupert Grint talks about Servant

For the actor, the series is almost like a warning to parents. After all, the series tells the story of a couple who lost their child, but the child was mysteriously resurrected. The actor plays this baby’s uncle, one of the only characters who seeks a logical explanation for what happened.

The actor’s baby was born during the pandemic. So he also took the opportunity to talk about what it was like to see the recordings stopped before birth and then go back to the set with a newborn baby. For him, this is a very strange feeling and that “changed the perspective in a very good way, since I had no idea what this kind of love for the family was like”.

Soon, he was able to better understand the feelings of Servant’s characters. So Grint is sure that the experience made him a better actor.

In December 2020, Apple TV renewed the series for its 3rd season, in which the Harry Potter actor returns to his role from the first seasons.

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