Maid: Netflix Series Is Based On True Story; Look!


Maid: Women who work hard, earn little, and go through a daily routine of exploitation—a reality far more common than we’d like to imagine. Another ingredient common to many of them: being a single parent. Netflix’s Maid faithfully portrays one real case among so many, that of Stephanie Land.

The author of a best-selling book about the plight of a young mother who finds herself in this situation, Stephanie has had her book adapted to a series on Netflix. John Wells (Shameless) and Margot Robbie (Suicide Squad) sign the production of the series with 7 episodes, which achieved 100% approval on the website Rotten Tomatoes.

Although in Netflix’s plot the character is called Alex, the story is a faithful portrait of a period in Stephanie’s life. Played by Margaret Qualley (Once upon a time in Hollywood), Alex finds himself freed from an abusive relationship, but needing to raise a small child with no money.

In search of government assistance, she needs money and a job, and in order to work, she needs someone to leave her daughter Mia with—which leaves her in a dilemma.

The cleaning life to which Alex must submit is heavy, just as it was for Stephanie: no vacation, no time off, and suffocated by the bureaucracy that prevents her from achieving what would be hers by her right.

What happened to Stephanie Land?

In real life, the author managed, after several changes and difficulties, to enroll in a creative writing course, according to a report on the website Yahoo! News. Since 2014, Stephanie has been a freelance writer and lives with Tim Faust, her current husband, with whom she has three more children.


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