Maid: Meet The Cast Of Netflix’s Drama Miniseries


Maid: Launched by Netflix last Friday (1), the miniseries Maid brought complex characters in challenging situations in a plot inspired by the memoirs of writer Stephanie Land.

Discussing power relations, social oppression, abuse and all the difficulties faced by people in economic vulnerability, the production explores the saga of Alex and his daughter, as they just try to survive.

That way, learn more about the cast of the miniseries, as well as their respective characters in the plot. Check out!

Alex (Margaret Qualley)

After running away from her abusive ex-boyfriend, the character needs to find herself in a new place, with no help from anyone. That way, to support herself and her daughter, she gets a job as a maid. However, and little by little, she realizes that there are many difficulties to be faced in life to get a secure housing and stable income.

Her interpreter, actress Margaret Qualley, is known for participating mainly in productions such as the film Once Upon a Timeā€¦ Hollywood (2019), by Quentin Tarantino, and the miniseries Fosse / Verdon (2019).

Sean (Nick Robinson)

Sean is initially presented as a specter of Alex’s trauma, but his insertion into the plot goes beyond that.

Playing the protagonist’s abusive ex-boyfriend, Nick Robinson stood out for several important roles, such as the films Com Amor, Simon (2018), Jurassic World (2015) and The 5th Wave (2016), as well as series such as A Teacher (2020 ).

Paula (Andie MacDowell)

In real life, Andie MacDowell is also Margaret Qualley’s mother, but it seems that their relationship is quite different from the one seen in the miniseries.

Paula is presented as a person who constantly changes moods and could fit very easily into bipolar disorder, but was never diagnosed. Among the main projects of the actress are the series Wireless, The Dress Up Gang and also Cuckoo.


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