MagSafe: Youtuber Opens Apple Battery and Shows Dual Design


MagSafe: The YouTube channel specializing in batteries Charger Lab has taken apart Apple’s new accessory in a video: a MagSafe battery for iPhone 12 that guarantees an additional charge for the smartphone when it is attached to the back of the device.

YouTuber reveals that the product is composed of a set of two energy cells, which improves the performance of the accessory. To get to the internal components, however, the process of removing the glue at the edges is relatively laborious.

This could mean that the transfer of energy is more efficient than expected — although not even Apple itself has mentioned numbers in the official store. Another curious point is the price: in Brazil, the suggested value is R$ 1.2 thousand.

Check out the full review:

Another important point is that the battery’s heat dissipation and cooling system looks complex and efficient. That was one of Apple’s concerns and may even have delayed announcing the device — the iPhone software even warned of a possible exaggerated temperature rise in some previous tests.


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