MagSafe wireless charging accessory introduced!


The long-awaited MagSafe wireless charging accessory was finally introduced at tonight’s event. It is also possible to say that this device, which is expected to offer an advanced charging experience, especially in smartphones and watches, has a very practical design. Apple says “Wear this device, magnetic case, wallet, or both. And enjoy the convenience of faster wireless charging. ” He describes it. Here are the MagSafe wireless charging accessory features and price:

The MagSafe wireless charging accessory will provide a much improved experience!

Apple aims to revive MagSafe with new wireless chargers and iPhone cases. Promoting the device, Apple Vice President Deniz Teoman also stated that the new MagSafe accessories will be attached to the back of the phone.

Even though Apple discontinued its MagSafe connections a long time ago, it does not seem to give up this naming. The company recently announced new wireless chargers and wallets that took over the MagSafe name. MagSafe will also be used in a new accessory that includes a magnetic wallet attached to the back of the iPhone.


There is also a new leather case that puts the phone in watch mode. The event, where a folding charger was also introduced for both the iPhone and Apple Watch, indeed, was the scene of different devices. The chargers can also provide 15W of power.

MagSafe, which will be produced in integration with the cases produced for iPhone 12, will also make wireless charging easier with its magnetic structure. In addition, on the device called MagSafe Duo Charger, users will be able to charge their iPhone 12 on one side and Apple Watch smart watches on the other.


According to Apple, MagSafe accessories and chargers feature a series of magnets “optimized for alignment and efficiency” around wireless charging that align perfectly with the iPhone. MagSafe chargers are said to be compatible not only with iPhones, but also with existing Qi-enabled devices.

It is not yet clear what the prices are for MagSafe accessories.


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