MagSafe could make a surprising comeback with iPhone 12


Prior to Apple’s “Hi, Speed” event, he shared an interesting news about the iPhone 12, which has nothing to do with the color, price or size, in the Weibo-sourced leak, as well as iPhone and HomePod predictions. According to the leak, MagSafe charging method reverts back with iPhone 12.

MagSafe could make a surprising comeback with iPhone 12

A Chinese Weibo account named “Kang” has released allegedly accurate information, including details and rumors of the HomePod mini, for the entire iPhone 12 lineup to be announced at the Apple event on October 13th.

In addition to this information, it claims Apple will announce a new magnetic iPhone case with MagSafe and two official Apple wireless chargers, both the 15W MagSafe Charger and the MagSafe Duo Charger.

iphone 12 magsafe

MagSafe is remembered as a magnetically attached power adapter that first appeared on Apple’s MacBook Pro models from 2006, but was discontinued across all Apple product lines between 2016 and 2019, despite its popularity, and was replaced by the Type-C connector.

Images shared on Weibo in August and said to come from the “iPhone 12” show a circular array of magnets on the body of the device. The leak is thought to mean the magnets could be for alignment purposes if Apple introduces its own wireless charger.

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