MagSafe charging your iPhone 12, 130 Euros


The presentation of the iPhone 12 not only left us the smartphone of the Californian firm. The MagSafe are the new accessories that can be placed on the back of the company’s new phones and there are still few novelties that have come to place on the back of the terminal. However, some of them are very useful such as a magnetic charger that can cost up to 130 euros to change.

The prices of MagSafe chargers are already known

One of the most anticipated gadgets by users of the bitten apple is the famous contact charger. This idea was left in limbo and has not left much trace to follow for fans of the bitten apple, although we may be in front of the result of hundreds of ideas that have been shuffled through the minds of the firm’s engineers.

This is where we position the MagSafe, accessories that are placed on the back of the iPhone through a magnetic system. At the time of departure, not much information was given about it, but today we finally know the prices of chargers with this feature that makes the iPhone 12 unique in terms of its construction.

In this case we have to talk about the MagSafe Duo, which is a portable and magnetic charger capable of charging both the iPhone 12 and the Apple Watch. Each one has its own hook, so it can be said that it is a system designed to charge a single mobile or smartwatch at the same time. Specifically, and following the information that Apple leaves us on its website, the MagSafe Duo would cost about 130 euros to change, which is 129 dollars.

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More expensive than the simple version

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to the MagSafe Duo charger is that the use of a 20W USB C transmission cable is recommended, which costs $ 19. But continuing with the rest of the devices offered by Apple in this line, you have to know another series of prices. Specifically, the single-load MagSafe, the one that only accommodates a single iPhone, costs $ 39.

MagSafe covers have different prices
If we go to the set of covers, the prices oscillate in the same prices. If you want a simple MagSafe case it will cost you about $ 49 in its simpler silicone version. In contrast, the iPhone 12 leather case with this feature is priced at about $ 129.


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