Magnum PI: Jay Hernandez shares photo of his last day before the drama was canceled


A week after the final episode of Magnum PI season 4 aired on May 6, 2022, CBS television revealed sad news to fans of its police action drama, which definitively canceled the program. Although there are many reasons why the series was canceled, the cast members did not hesitate to express their opinions on social networks. Especially the lead actor, Jay Hernandez, who has not only issued a statement, but also shared some photos from his last day.

When the programs of the different television networks or platforms approach their end of season, the renewals of some of them are revealed. However, Magnum P.I. was not on the list, as the finale of the fourth installment of the CBS reboot became the series finale. The police procedure was, of course, only one of the multiple programs canceled by the television station.

However, CBS’ decision with Magnum PI season 4 was one of the most surprising demise. Now, fans are hoping that as other shows on the network have found new life elsewhere, they’re hoping the same thing will happen with the Hawaii cop drama. As long as that happens, its main actor Jay Hernandez seems excited about that option, in fact, he has been sharing some of his moments on the film set since its cancellation was announced.

Jay Hernandez, who plays the main character, Thomas Magnum, took to his official Twitter account after the cancellation to take part in one last photo of Magnum Friday. The photo features co-star Tim Kang, inside a plastic air conditioner pipe.

“I had to surprise you guys with one last photo from Friday from #MagnumPI. One of my favorites from Katsumoto. We love you guys (fans), thanks for always being there for us,” wrote Jay Hernandez.

Although Jay Hernandez constantly shares behind-the-scenes photos of each of the episodes of Magnum PI. It seems that those days have come to an end. While it’s sad that fans can’t expect more from the cast members in the future, it’s nice that the star has released one final snapshot and included Gordon Katsumoto himself, Tim Kang.

Following Magnum P.I.’s cancellation, CBS television network boss Kelly Kahl spoke about why the fan-favorite reboot was scrapped, noting that it was a “difficult” decision and hinting that there were multiple factors at play. . Among those reasons, some suggest that it could be due to the audience, which was going down with each episode that was broadcast and the budget and biosecurity measures were increasing for the television station.