Magic Will Receive Cards From Street Fighter and Fortnite in 2022


Magic: This Tuesday (24), Wizard of the Coast announced that there are several new developments on the way to Magic: The Gathering, the main one being the launch of limited edition products of Fortnite and Street Fighter for 2022.

The crossover releases are part of Magic: The Gathering’s Secret Lair collections that feature “ultra-collectable” and specially selected cards. Fortnite will have two releases of its own within Secret Lair that will refer to the game’s iconic locations and characters. The Street Fighter Secret Lair will feature classic Street Fighter characters, such as Chun-Li, whose card includes the mechanics of the “multikicker”.

“With our Street Fighter, Fortnite, Warhammer 40,000 and more products to be unveiled, 2022 is on track to be the best year for Magic yet. Also, the arrival of the animation Magic: The Gathering on Netflix (also in 2022 and with Brandon Routh of Arrow and Superman Return, giving voice to Gideon Jura, protagonist of the animation) just in time for our 30th anniversary is the perfect introduction to anyone who wants to explore the Magic multiverse, even if they’ve never experienced the thrill of opening a booster pack before,” commented Chris Cocks, president of Wizard of the Coast.

The next addition to this series is The Lord of the Rings: Tales from Middle-earth, where players can battle for the “One Ring” with Aragorn, ride with Nazgul, plot with Saruman, or travel to Mount Doom. Gandalf, Gollum, Frodo and others will still be part of the launch of a Magic: The Gathering booster in 2023 that will take fans to Middle-earth.

Finally, it was also mentioned that the Netflix series will be accompanied by a novel signed by author Django Wexler, as well as some other releases: Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty (Q1 2022), Streets of New Capenna (Q2 2022), the Dominaria United collection (third quarter 2022) and The Brothers’ War (fourth quarter 2022).


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