Magic The Gathering: Zendikar Rising 2021 fragman


Magic: The Gathering players can already look forward to the cards that will be released in 2021. Wizards of the Coast announced the sets that will arrive next year, including Kaldheim, which will be inspired by Viking culture, and Strixhaven, which will expand its multiverse with a school for wizards.

Next year will also feature the first set inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, which has already had a lot of influence from the card game. Adventures in the Forgotten Realms will focus on the most popular D&D scene, with characters like Drizzt Do ‘Urden, Elminster and Mins. Innistrad, a gothic horror featuring vampires, werewolves, zombies, spirits and humans, will also be released. Check the calendar:

Kaldheim – Summer 2021
Strixhaven: School of Mages – Fall 2021
Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms – Winter 2021
Innistrad: Werewolves – Spring 2021
Innistrad: Vampires – Spring 2021
Time Spiral Remastered – undated
Modern Horizons 2 – undated
But still in 2020 …
Before that, however, the Zendikar Rising set will arrive at Magic: The Gathering Arena on September 17th, with table games being launched on the 25th. To pique curiosity, Wizards of the Coast released a trailer for the new set, that marks the return to the adventures of Zendikar. Planeswalker Nahiri will be back, along with the Kor people. Landfall will also return, the mechanic triggered whenever a terrain enters a battlefield. The focus on terrain will also be on a new type of dual land, which will be a benefit on more aggressive decks. Check out the trailer:


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