Magic: The Gathering – Netflix Series To Cast Brandon Routh


Magic: The Gathering, Netflix recently announced another project that is coming to life. Magic: The Gathering is an animated series based on the board game of the same name that quickly became popular. To make fans even more excited, it has been announced that Brandon Routh the Superman will be the character Gideon Jura.

With a style similar to Dungeons & Dragons, the game accounted for approximately 20 billion cards between 2008 and 2016 alone, in addition to several expansions for players to get the most out of it. Now that MTG is going to be adapted for the streaming platform, the popularity is only increasing.

More details about Magic: The Gathering on Netflix

Rumors about the adaptation of the animated series began in 2019. Currently, the premiere is scheduled for the end of 2022, with no set date until then.

As for the MTG cast, in addition to a formal announcement about the addition of Brandon Routh, the official Netflix Geeked Twitter profile also published a video in which the actor talks a little about his participation and the experience of giving voice to Gideon Jura .

Check out the video below!

The direction of the animated series was in the hands of brothers Russo, Joe and Anthony, known for working with Marvel, but creative differences caused the duo to leave the project. Currently, who leads is Jeff Kline, whose best known participation is in Transformers: Prime.

With high expectations for the complex universe to be developed, Magic: The Gathering arrives in 2022.


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