Magic The Gathering: Modern Horizons 2 Collection Features 300 Cards


Magic The Gathering: Among its diverse collections and thousands of cards, Magic: The Gathering fans had a lot of affection for Modern Horizons, originally released in 2019. Now Wizards of the Coast has announced a sequel with all-new cards and some long-awaited reprints.

There will be more than 300 cards in all in Modern Horizons 2, which promises to bring beautiful art and powerful cards, including the return of Fetch Lands, those cards that can seek land in rival colors!

Fans will be able to buy set boosters, boxes that usually bring a metallic card and chances to win a mystical or rare card, as well as Draft Boosters with always a reprint for the Modern format and chances to win a traditional metallic card. In English only, a Collector Booster will also be released.

Those who want to invest in this collection will see cards with retro frames, special finishes and old characters, with the return of Planeswalker like Dakkon and Grist, which are even nicer without borders. What did you think of these news? Comment below!


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