Magic: The Gathering, Kamigawa Neon Dynasty, Prints


Magic: The Gathering: A bundle from Wizards of the Coast with different items from the new Magic: The Gathering collection, Kamigawa Neon Dynasty, has arrived at our newsroom. This new set is set in a futuristic and technological Japan, among its cards we find ninjas, samurai, dragons, onis and other references to Japanese traditions and artifacts, vehicles and armor with a more futuristic cut.

Azucena Ruiz unboxes us and explains the new mechanics of this new set, which includes a presentation pack, draft packs, edition packs, booster collector and a preconstructed Commander deck: ‘Upgrades everywhere’.

Inside the presentation pack we will find 6 draft envelopes, the difference between the draft envelopes, the boosters and the collectors, is the number of cards, the rarity and the treatment of the same (foil, cards without a frame, or with special frames) that we can find in each one, being draft the one that less rare, mythical and with foil treatment we can find and Collector the one that contains more of these cards.

New alternatives to compete

In addition to these envelopes, which, in presentation tournaments, will be used to create the deck with which we will compete in it, we will find a separator, a commemorative letter of the presentation, with foil treatment and the year printed in one corner and a dice of twenty faces symbol collection.

These packs can be reserved to play at the store presentation or you can receive them at home and set up your own game with friends. It’s the ideal time to get started in tournaments as that’s when everyone sees the set for the first time.

The collection is available physically in stores, where you can also find out about the different tournaments, and digitally through Magic: The gathering Arena, starting on February 10.