Magic the Gathering: Brazilian PV inspires Strixhaven letter


Brazil is very well represented in the Magic: The Gathering scenario, as player Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa managed to win the XXXVI World Championship of the popular card game of the Wizards of the Coast in February 2020!

To recognize his achievement, the star will be honored in the Strixhaven: School of Magicians collection, where he will win his own card based on his look, the Elite Magilaçador! The card has already been revealed on the official Magic website and its look was incredible:

With art by Ryan Pancoast, he will be of the Human Cleric type of power equal to 3 and resistance equal to 1. Bringing a white creature, he will have the cost of summoning two mana of any color plus a white. The cool thing is that Paulo Vitor himself actively participated in the creation of the letter with the design team, giving his pointers on various elements of the card.

When you cast the Elite Magillator you can look at your rival’s hand and then remove a non-terrain card from the game, but the removed card can still be played in exchange for the additional cost of two mana of any color.

Magic the Gathering Arena is a free downloadable game on the PC, and the Strixhaven collection is scheduled to launch on April 23, when we will be able to see the Arcavios plan and the five faculties of Platinopena, Murchaflor, Prismari, Quandrix and Sapioforte.

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