Magic: The Gathering announces new collection


Whoever plays Magic: The Gathering knows that although we always see new collections coming in every year, there are always those cards that marked us the most. Whether it’s card collections that were launched when we started experimenting with the most popular collectible card game, or simply collections with more different themes than the standard.

Either way, Wizards of the Coast knows that their fans love to review some of their favorite cards and get reprints occasionally. So it was not a total surprise (although I was very grateful) when the company announced the Spiral Temporalized Remastered product line earlier this year.

In this collection, we’ll review the cards that were successful in the 2000s, including cards like ‘Danation’, ‘Tarmogoyf’, ‘Vacuum Cup’ and ‘Yawgmoth, Doctor of Thran’, for example. Another letter among the reprints that deserves to be highlighted is the ‘Lotus Bloom’, which is super iconic and this will be the first time that it will have a reprint in classic fram.

Just a hint that those who want ‘Lotus Bloom’: this card will be available as a bonus for players who decide to buy cards in closed booster boxes, that is, boxes with several boosters instead of loose packages. The purchase may be more expensive and the quantities of boxes will be limited, but it is very worthwhile for collectors.

For those who are anxious with the news and have wanted more details for some time, just know that the boosters with these cards can already be purchased this week, starting today, March 19!


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