Magic Receives New Collection With Innistrad Expansion: Voto Crimson


Magic: Expanding the amount of content present in Magic: The Gathering, Wizard of the Coast has revealed that a new collection titled Innistrad: Voto Crimson (for those who collect physical versions, it will be available in stores from now onwards) is now available for PC, mobile and Arena on November 19).

As many already suspected, we are facing a package focused on vampires. The story told here shows the character Olivia Voldaren in search of absolute power and intends to put into practice a plan during the eternal night calling for a marriage with Edgar Markov.

Check out a trailer showing a little of this context below:

In addition to new cards, check out some new mechanics brought with this expansion below:

Training – when a creature with “training” attacks along with another stronger card, it gets a +1/+1 counter.
Remove – Whenever the player puts an instant or sorcery with “remove” onto the battlefield, he can pay the ability’s alternative cost to remove the words in square brackets and change the card’s effect.
Blood tokens – blood tokens are colorless artifacts that allow the player to draw a card by paying the mana cost and discarding another card.