Magic: PV Champion Indicates Five Strong Cards From The New Collection


Magic: Last month we told the story of Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa, the Brazilian who became champion of the XXXVI World Championship of Magic: The Gathering, the popular card game from Wizards of the Coast. With that, he ended up inspiring a new letter with his features in the Strixhaven collection!

As Strixhaven: School of Wizards is scheduled to launch exactly for today, April 23, the PV itself has listed five spells and creatures essential to any player’s deck in the standard format, that is, the one focused only on the latest collections! Check out:

As we can see, the PV loved his own card, the Elite Magilaçador, claiming that it “is especially good against decks with expensive cards, like Sultai Ultimatum”. The Luminarte Esperta cards, “very strong in older formats with cheaper magic,” and Lumescriba Leonino, who is “like Luminarte, but for his entire team”, also shone.

Finally, Prismari Command lets you “destroy a creature, speed up your own game or deal with tricky permanents”, while Fading Verse “is a card that will fit any Black and White deck”.

There will be five magical faculties to choose from, from Murchaflor and Platinopena to Quandrix, Sapioforte and Prismari, and Strixhaven is now available in the physical version of Magic! What did you think of the PV’s choices? What are your favorite cards? Comment below!


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