Magic Legends Will Be Shut Down In October And Will No Longer Be Released


Magic Legends: Originally scheduled to arrive at the end of 2021 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the Magic: Legends game will be discontinued and completely disabled as early as October 31, when its servers will be shut down for good.

The announcement was made by developer Cryptic Studios, who said they had no plans to revive the project in the future. Since the open beta released three months ago, players have complained about their performance issues and excessive grinding, but no one expected such an early end.

Executive producer Stephen Ricossa lamented that the “vision for Magic: Legends missed the mark badly” but also thanked Wizards of the Coast’s vote of confidence. “We’ve learned many valuable lessons throughout development, and we plan to use them in Cryptic’s future.”

Magic Legends will be offline from 4pm GMT on the 31st, so hurry up if you’re still interested in checking it out. The game’s online store, the Zen Shop, was immediately shut down so that no one else would spend real money there.

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