Magic: Legends’ new trailer shows the challenges


The developer Cryptic Studios released this Tuesday (2) a new trailer for the MMORPG Magic: Legends, showing how the difficulty adjustment systems and modifiers will be introduced in the game.

According to Adam Hetenyi, leading designer of Magic: Legends, the game will feature a fully customizable difficulty system, with possibilities to play in normal, difficult, expert and master, and with the lowest level being the standard, while the advanced ones will be enabled as the player progresses in the campaign. The greater the difficulty, the better the rewards, which can come both in the form of loot and in increased experience.

As for the modifiers, the producer announced that the difficulty levels will apply Region Enchantments to the maps, which can be customized at the standard level, but are automatic from the difficult. Thus, the new mechanics will require adaptations from planeswalkers, who should test builds and boosts in order to cross the scenarios with greater efficiency.

Another novelty is due to the Enchantments of the World, powerful spells that are enabled before the start of missions and can be created with various combinations of loot. The modifiers are then added to the map to be explored, offering bonus and more powerful rewards for those who enable the scenario buff.

Currently, Magic: Legends is available in beta only on the PC. The definitive edition of the game is expected to come out in 2021 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, with no official date confirmed.


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