Magic Casts Innistrad: Voting Crimson In Physical Version Of The Cards


Magic announced today, November 19, the arrival of its Innistrad: Voto Crimson collection in physical card format. The content was already available in the online version of the game, Magic Arena, but now it can also be played in its more traditional way, at a table with friends.

Innistrad’s cards come in different options for purchase. The traditional booster packs are available in Set, Collector and Draft types. Interested parties can also purchase a Commander deck, which comes with 100 cards ready for play.

Anyone who wants to invest more can also look for a pre-release pack, which features six draft-type boosters, a spindown life counter and a metallic promotional card. Products come in a special box to organize them.

Finally, we also have the Gift Bundle option, which offers 8 Set-type boosters, one collector, 20 metallic lands, 20 normal lands, 1 large spindown life marker and an exclusive card with different art from the collection.

Innistrad collection cards can now be purchased at Magic’s official Wizards Play Network WPN stores, or from third-party partners. Meanwhile, the Magic Arena virtual version can be downloaded to play for free on PC or mobile devices.

And for those who are more interested in Magic collabs than original content, it’s also worth remembering that it was announced this week that the game will receive cards inspired by Arcane, the LoL-based Netflix series.