Maggie from Hulu: 10 movies and TV series whose actors you’ve seen


On July 6, 2022, Hulu introduced a new comedy series called “Maggie”. The half-hour comedy tells the story of Maggie, a 30-year-old woman with psychic abilities who navigates the romantic lives of other people, as well as her own. Although the show is brand new, it is full of veteran actors who have been on the small screen for a long time.

Famous names in the cast range from Chris Elliott from Schitt’s Creek to Kerry Kenny-Silver from Reno 911. Many stars have recognizable faces, but don’t necessarily have a large number of starring roles, so Maggie can finally give them the recognition they deserve.

Adam Corson (Daniel) – This is Us

In “Maggie” Adam Corson starred as a man with whom the titled psychic briefly met. They really got along after he hid in her shop during crossfit classes, but broke off the relationship because he didn’t fully believe in her psychic abilities.

Fans may have recognized Corson by his role in the sixth and final season of This Is Us, in which he played Elijah. Elijah was Madison’s love interest and eventually the father of one of her children, and although their relationship was not a fan favorite, it gave the necessary closure to all of Kevin and Madison’s shippers in the world.

Ray Ford (Angel) – Anatomy of Passion

Ray Ford portrayed Maggie’s psychic and mentor, Angel. Whenever Maggie was in contention or doubted her psychic abilities, Angel was the one to help her and ensure that her future would be in order.

Ford fans can recognize him from the popular drama series “Anatomy of Passion”, in which he played a paramedic named Ray Suter. Although his role was small, he was in the series for many seasons, appearing from the second season to the last season 16 in the 2019 episode “My Shot”.

Kerry Kenny-Silver (Maria) — Renault 911!

Maggie’s eccentric mother, Maria, was played by Kerry Kenny-Silver. Although Maria didn’t always support her daughter’s psychic nature and sometimes did more harm than good, she had a kind heart and ultimately wanted the best for Maggie.

Kenny-Silver’s familiar face is connected to the fact that she played Trudy Vigel in Reno 911!. Her role as Trudy earned her multiple Emmy Award nominations and a lot of critical acclaim. In addition, she was the only female participant in the comedy sketch show “The State”.

Chris Elliott (Jack) – Shitta Bay

The best half of Maria, Jack, was played by Chris Elliott. Jack was Maggie’s kind and calm father, who was always there to give the best advice. Jack and Maggie had a closer relationship than Maria and Maggie, while Jack was more supportive and open to Maggie’s psychic endeavors.

Fans may have recognized Elliot right away, as he recently received a lot of praise for the show in which he starred for six seasons, “Shitta Bay.” In the Canadian sitcom, he played Roland Shitt, the mayor of Shitt’s Creek and, eventually, a close friend of the Rose family.

Leonardo Nam (Dave) – The World of the Wild West

Dave Leonardo Nama was part of the comic duo Amy and Dave. He was a great partner for Amy, who wanted nothing more than to make her happy, and his favorite activity in his spare time was blood donation.

Before Maggie, Nam played Felix in the first three seasons of Wild West World. Although his role or contribution to the final season has not yet been revealed, Felix was a fan favorite during the three seasons he starred in, and he had one of the best story arches among all the characters in the series.

Angelica Cabral (Amy) – Life in Parts

Angelica Cabral played the restless but extroverted Amy. Amy was thrilled to have joined a group of new friends and planned her dream wedding, even if there were a few hitches along the way.

Before she joined the cast of Maggie, Kebral was best known for her participation in the CBS sitcom “Life in Pieces” as Colleen. “Life in Pieces” ran for four seasons before eventually being canceled, but Colleen Cabral served as a love interest for one of the show’s main characters. She also starred in the Fox comedy series Enlisted.

Chloe Bridges (Jesse) – Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

Chloe Bridges played Jesse, Ben’s on-and-off girlfriend in Maggie. Although fans were rooting for the revival of the romance between Ben and Maggie, it was hard to root against Jessie when she was so sweet and pretty.

Disney Channel fans may have recognized Bridges by her role in the 2010 Camp Rock sequel “Camp Rock 2: The Last Jam.” She played Dana, the beloved of Nick Jonas’ character. She also recently married Pitch Perfect graduate Adam Devine.

Nicole Sakura (Louise) – Superstore

Maggie’s best friend Louise was played by Nicole Sakura. Louise often had problems with boys, and she desperately wanted to know what the future held for her in her romantic life.


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