Maggie Civantos, the voice of the Stranger in Destiny 2


We interviewed Maggie Civantos, the Spanish actress who voices the character of La Desconocida from Destiny 2 in the expansion: Beyond the Light.

Destiny 2 is preparing to expand its universe even more with the arrival of the new great expansion: Beyond the Light, which will land on November 10 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia and later also to the new generation, specifically on December 8. With it, a good handful of novelties will arrive to the game among which we find the Stasis subclass and new very powerful electrical and dark powers.

Even so, today we meet here to bring you a surprise in the form of an interview. Specifically, we were able to chat with Maggie Civantos, a Spanish actress known for her starring role in series such as Vis a Vis and Las chicas del Cable. She has been in charge of voicing The Unknown, a beloved character in the Destiny community who will finally have a relevant role in Beyond the Light.

The start of a new adventure

“I received a call at a time when we were starting with the confinement in Spain and the truth is that it seemed like a very interesting proposal, because I had never done something like this and I like challenges. I knew the game and I knew that the community is super big and it is going to be a great opportunity, “explains Maggie,” Later we already had a meeting in which they explained the whole story to me and I saw that it made sense with things that I had done previously. ”.

Even so, it wasn’t until she got into the studio to record that she really discovered everything that the Unknown had hidden: “Sure, you know a number of characteristics of the character but I was surprised during the process that there is a lot of interpretation. I mean, it’s not going and that’s it, but you can really add your own touch no matter how much you have to look at the original. There is a little window to creativity and you could play with the intensity of emotions, since not everything was giving instructions ”.


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