Magazine Luiza buys smart search company SmartHint


Magazine Luiza announced the purchase of the company SmartHint Tecnologia, specialized in search engine optimization and recommendation for digital commerce. In the official statement to the market, the company detailed that the acquisition should improve the experience of using its application with several artificial intelligence resources.

SmartHint has been operating as SaaS (“Software as a Service”, in free translation from English) on the market since 2017, the year of its foundation. Its main focus is to develop technologies to increase the number of sales in the digital market, using resources such as intelligent search for text, image and voice; recommendation of personalized products per user and retention tools, which seek to avoid dropouts in the final stages of transactions.

In this context, the Magalu group hopes to optimize and improve the tools within its super app, which offers 26 million items in its market, of different types and categories. Among the new benefits, is the ability to correctly display items in a search even when the user makes minor typos – increasing sales conversion.

The company concludes the note in an optimistic tone, emphasizing that SmartHint should integrate the “strategic pillar Magalu as a Service (MaaS)”, representing another stage of its strategy for the digitalization of the national retail trade.