Magazine beauty, Kendall Jenner shares her photoshoot


The beautiful socialite model, Kendall Jenner, showed us her photo shoot for Chaos, the luxury accessories and lifestyle brand

The beautiful young socialite and professional model, Kendall Jenner, was in charge of giving us a taste of what we will find in her new collaboration with a magazine, in which there are more than 200 pages that can be torn out and used as a poster.

This is the Chaos brand, which focuses on luxury and lifestyle accessories, so he couldn’t forget to tag its founders and editors, Katie Lyall, Charlotte Stockdale Co-editor-in-chief and the two photographers, Luigi and Lango, who are completely dedicated to fashion.

The beautiful girl shared several photographs that are included in the magazine, however, within it we will surely find many more surprises, it seems that there were many photographs selected to appear to be one of the most beautiful models they have to promote their brand something that Kendall knows how to do it perfectly and is an expert at this.

This photo shoot was so elegant that the photos are in black and white, so it seems that they took that range as the basis for a complete section, although it is very likely that some of color will also appear since the young woman stands out a lot with color or without he enchants the pupils of all who observe it.

This time we will address one of the photos that stood out the most of all, one that became a small video which has been reproduced more than 7 million times so you can already imagine how beautiful it looks in this great content.

It is a snapshot in which he sings or has he is wearing socks, very long boots, gloves that are also quite long, only and finally a fairly ornate belt, so that the upper part of her figure is exposed and is covered by her hand which was in charge of avoiding the censorship of the famous Instagram photo application.

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This is how the girl was not ashamed or embarrassed about appearing almost completely uncovered because she has been working in this industry for years and is used to showing off to the fullest in this way

Another of the photographs that were quite liked was one in which Kendall dressed completely in black and with a white bow, so her pretty face stood out, which was the protagonist. There is also another one that looks very interesting since it is a dress full of glitter and ornamentation on the head of flowers as well as curls on the forehead, a detail that left many of its fans thinking that it was a culture, however. It seems that everything is the creation of the fashion of these geniuses in charge of producing it.

Recently we saw some videos of Kendall in which she appeared walking light as a feather demonstrating how professional she is to model, but today’s snapshots made us consider things a bit, it turns out so well that we could even say that it is much better to pose in front of the camera, although without detracting from the catwalk.

Something very curious that happens with these girls belonging to the Kardashian Jenner family is that despite being experts in modeling and the makeup or fashion industry, young women are normal people, so recently we saw a very funny situation that turned them trending quickly.

Everything happened in a preview of the new chapters of the Keeping up with the Kardashians series, which oor true is so close to its end, in this video Kylie Kendall appeared, arguing about using one of Kourtney’s outfits.

It all happened thanks to the fact that Kendall had asked to borrow the Kourtney dress and the beautiful Kylie Jenner did not care, taking it to use it from her so a pitched battle arose that became a spectacle.


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