Magali Berdah reveals her darling and kisses him tenderly


Magali Berdah is a real business woman. She is one of the first to create a company representing many artists and celebrities in the audiovisual industry.

Among them, there are mostly reality TV candidates. Like Jessica Thivenin, Maeva Ghennam, Manon Tanti and so many others …

Her company Shauna Events is doing so well that she decided to take it a step further. Eh yes ! Magali Berdah now wants to embark on new projects.

Lately, she announced the big news on her Instagram account: “I am fond of building new things. New subsidiaries, new programs. ”

She then talks about a project she has been working on for a long time: “I have been working for a few months on a new subsidiary. Something new. ”


Magali Berdah then continues: “It will belong to the ‘Shauna Events’ group, but it will not be called ‘Shauna Events’, because quite simply, it is a subsidiary which is intended for the four-wheelers, every 40 years and more and which is called ‘Experience Agency’ ”.

One thing is certain! Magali Berdah is therefore full of ambition. But she also does very well in her love life.

She has been living with Stéphane Teboul, the man of her life, of Jewish faith, like her for a few months now.

And even though she still argues with him, she still seems happy. Stéphane Teboul is a real cool stepfather to his three daughters.

The Touche Pas columnist at Mon Poste is so proud of this couple that she loves showing it off on social media. And more particularly on his Instagram account!

Eh yes ! She just typed her best pose while kissing him in Saint Tropez.


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