Mafia: Definitive Edition, we’ve already played it.


We tested the first five chapters of Mafia: Definitive Edition. Hangar 13 has done a magnificent job moving Lost Heaven in 2020.

Loyalty. Honor. Family. When the expansion of the open world began to make its way, Illusions Softworks set out to build its particular The Godfather in video game format. Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven set us in the dark 30s. The Great Depression cracked a society that, without knowing it, was heading towards another world war. In 2002, the figure of Tommy Angelo served as a reflection of those who took the path in the shadow of the law. A path that would lead him to discover the value of life.

18 years later, history repeats itself. Hangar 13 rediscovers a classic in a way that does justice to the word remake. Face to face, the original has been relegated to a simple plot outline. Situations have been modified, the times of certain events altered and the relationships between the characters have been deepened. Mafia: Definitive Edition is, as its name suggests, the definitive edition in capital letters of the work of the Czechs.

My name is tommy angelo

It is advisable to do a hindsight exercise before entering it. Having fresh the structure of the original allows you to value even more if possible what Hangar 13 achieved. From the first moment, a feeling of familiarity invades us, of being in an environment that is familiar to us, at the same time that we discover another new image of the city ​​and its inhabitants. The preview version that we were able to access corresponds to the first five chapters of Tommy Angelo’s adventure, as well as a small jump to what is to come from chapter 10.

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Perhaps the word that defines Mafia: Definitive Edition is respect. We opened this piece with the three pillars on which Don Salieri’s band stands, and in some way those values ​​have been transferred here. The North American studio has not imposed its own creative vision, but has simply limited itself to reordering the narrative arcs to make the whole homogeneous.

Perhaps it is advantageous to say in the middle of 2020 that the Mafia has not aged as well as it seemed. The memories that we can keep from that time can alter reality in their favor. Hence the value of immersing yourself with today’s eyes. And we are not talking about playable aspects typical of the 2000s, but about the lack of subtlety of a narrative that at times seemed to be several revolutions ahead of us.

These changes reach the full range of the stages around Tommy. From the small moments to the way in which new elements are introduced. During Man on the Run, chapter 2, the changes are noticed from the first moment. Customers who pass by our taxi delve into the situation of American society at the beginning of 1930. In the original they were limited to indicating their destination. These talks, standard in modern video games, are add-ons that may sound trivial, but they are not in any case. Everything is part of a plan that enhances the title from its foundations.


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