Mafia: Definitive Edition, review. rebuilding


Mafia: Definitive Edition is a tribute in style to the work of Illusions Softworks. We analyze the return of Tommy Angelo to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Family is forever. 18 years fly by. Ever since Illusions Softworks made its great imprint on The City of Lost Heaven, players have fondly cherished memories of Tommy Angelo’s misadventures. The Czechs’ work was a crude and truthful portrait of the dark 1930s. When men in trench coats enforced the law of the street, pre-World War II America bled to death for a handful of dollars.

There is something special about Mafia. Call it nostalgia, charisma, knowing that you are being a luxurious spectator to the events of the Lost Heaven families. Friends pass; loves, too. When the rifles begin to ring, the spilled blood is the same color. Choosing this model of life was the shortcut to wealth, greatness, even happiness. A delusion that you wake up from the moment you look in the mirror and see a large target painted on your forehead.

The praises for Mafia: Definitive Edition won’t catch our readers by surprise. During our impressions, we said that Hangar 13 “rediscovers a classic in a way that does justice to the word remake”. That aperitif allowed us to enter the final version on notice: to immerse yourself in this definitive edition you need to buckle up. The curves of the life of the most famous taxi driver in the video game continue to offer the same level of vertiginousness.

A major remake

Mafia: Definitive Edition gains momentum after doing a retrospective exercise. Having fresh the original idea of ​​the Czechs allows to appreciate even more what has been achieved by its new leaders. The studio has not only managed to update the graphic aspect to the current times, but it expands with total success several of the elements on which the script revolves. If you enjoyed in 2002, being at the controls you are filled with a sense of constant discovery, as well as familiar. This is the Mafia you vibrated with almost two decades ago, only to the nth degree.

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In these types of projects, especially after a change of hands, the tendency is usually towards change from the creative perspective of the new owners. It occurs partly here, albeit far away in an invasive or unilaterally imposed way. Above all, it exudes affection and delicacy on the product in hand. Fortunately, the changes do not come to alter the natural balance of events, but rather their purpose is to enhance the triggers that lead Tommy, Sam and Paulie through this path of self-destruction.


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