Mafia: Definitive Edition focuses its trailer


Gamescom 2020 has been the chosen setting to show new footage of the long-awaited remake of the 2K Games saga.

Loyalty to the family. That is one of the most important points of the code of honor of the gangsters who appear in Mafia: Definitive Edition (we’ve already tried it!), The remake of the classic for PC, which returns to current systems with a graphic facelift , but also with new stories and dialogues that reinforce the plot of the video game. His new trailer is about narrative, which was shown during the opening gala of Gamescom 2020, which this year was developed in digital format. You can watch the video on these lines.

The video, entitled “A world of benefits that you will not be able to ignore”, reviews the life of Tommy Angelo, the protagonist of this video game developed by Hangar 13 and published by 2K Games. Despite working as a taxi driver, he soon realized that he aspired to much more, so he decided to join the Salieri crime family. There he will discover the meaning of the word loyalty, at the same time as he realizes the wealth and power that can be obtained within a family of such influence.

Separately via the Mafia Trilogy pack

After a brief delay due to the coronavirus, the Mafia remake will be available from September 25 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. In addition to improving the graphics and adding more story content, Hangar 13 has also updated the original mechanics to suit today’s times. Although the title can be purchased separately, it is also possible to do so through the Mafia Trilogy pack, which includes the three video games in the saga. While Mafia II: Definitive Edition is a remastering of the original, the third installment is more of a reintroduction, as it has already been released on these platforms.

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The Mafia Trilogy pack is available now in a digital version, although it will not be completed until the release of Mafia: Definitive Edition.


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