Mafia Definitive Edition: an irrefutable proposal


I remember 2002, the year in which Brazil won the fifth title, and when we received the masterpiece of Lord of the Rings, by J. R. R. Tolkien, in theaters. However, it was also when I first enjoyed Mafia. And now, 18 years later, I had the privilege of playing the new version made by Hangar 13.

So, put on your gangster hat, your black suit and prepare yourself with this analysis for a trip back in time, more precisely for the period when Italian mafias took over some neighborhoods in the United States.

Peaceful or busy life?

You are Tommy, a young taxi driver who, despite the difficulties, lives his life well. He is already used to being mistreated by surly customers who have no love for life.

However, his trajectory would change dramatically from one hour to the next, after being halfway between two mafia families in the city of Lost Heaven: Salieri and Morello.

One of the gangs invades your work environment and points a gun at your head. Drive! His specialty is driving that charming taxi from the 1930s, but this time you will have to drive your car in the best possible way to avoid being shot by. But it is good to be successful on your journey, otherwise your passengers will not be happy. In short, if you run the bug, if you stay, the bug will eat.

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