Maeva Ghennam vs. Marseille’s bookie!


On social networks, a video of Maeva Ghennam very angry is circulating. She would be very upset against the booker of the Marseillais!

Only a few days ago Maeva Ghennam was finally able to integrate the filming of the Marseillais in Dubai. And the least we can say is that she almost didn’t join her friends because of the Covid-19.

After celebrating New Year’s Day in Dubai, without protection or barrier gesture, Maeva Ghennam caught the Covid like Manon Marsault. It was while doing the tests to integrate the Marseillais that she realized her illness.

Maeva Ghennam didn’t have any major symptoms. She just lost her taste and smell. The young woman was therefore confined to her home, all alone, for several days. She really seemed at the end of her life.

She also kept the disease a secret. The pretty brunette didn’t want to worry her fans. But now, she is back in the adventure to the delight of her subscribers.


Since the shooting takes place in Dubai, several videos have already leaked on social networks. And the least we can say is that clashes are a big part of the villa. Maeva Ghennam seems energized.

Recently, a video shows the reality TV candidate very angry. She starts yelling at someone. The Instagram account @lesmarseillaisadubai has also provided information on the subject.

Indeed, one fan asked “Who is she complaining about?” “. The Instagram account then replied: “Against the booker because she organized a job for them with the sharks. For those who want to know ”.

Maeva Ghennam will therefore have to surpass herself if she wants to keep her place in the Marseille adventure. At any time, she can leave the shoot. Case to follow!


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