Maeva Ghennam takes herself for Kylie Jenner with Thabiti!


After having released a title in his effigy, Thabiti had the chance to pose with the beautiful Maeva Ghennam. The proof in pictures!

Maeva Ghennam turns all heads! Indeed, the reality TV candidate appears in a good number of songs, including that of Thabiti.


Thus, the rapper Thabiti released a title entitled “Maeva Ghennam” which, as its name suggests, evokes the young woman.

“She is often in a hurry, she has no time, she is Rolеxed, before she was R, now she rides a Golf 7R, she does Snap ‘in the Class G, a gamos paid by her father” are lyrics which say a lot about the tone of the song.

However, Maeva Ghennam is totally a fan and she claims it.


In a post on her Instagram account, Maeva Ghennam poses with the rapper, in a beige jumpsuit, fur and a turquoise handbag.

In caption, the latter writes: “In the States they have Kylie us MAËVA GHENNAM 😝😝”. By this, we must understand a double reference to the sound “WarZone” of the band “13 Organized” in which the beautiful brunette is once again cited.

Then she adds: “We are going to clip the Maeva Ghennam sound loudly”. She obviously does not forget to identify her sidekick @thabitiofficiel. So that’s what promises for the future!

Internet users seem to be seduced as more than 90,000 have liked the post. In addition, we can read many comments from Internet users who are impatient to see the clip: “FRENCH KYLIE JENNER 🔥”, “THE PEOPLE WANTS THE CLIP 🔥”, “Can’t wait to see that” can we read.

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Some of them also complimented the beautiful Maeva Ghennam: “Beautiful”, “The most beautiful”, “Too many bg”, “This flow!”.

In short, we will have to wait still to discover any collaboration between Thabiti and Maeva Ghennam!


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