Maeva Ghennam shooting video of her eponymous song!


Maeva Ghennam is very proud to shoot a music video. And not just any one, since it’s the one from his eponymous song with Thabiti!

This year in the Marseillais vs the Rest of the World, Maeva Ghennam was therefore eliminated earlier than expected! A real betrayal on Greg’s part. And a shock to Internet users who did not expect to see her go!

So she assured that she would never forgive him! But whatever ! Maeva Ghennam therefore took advantage of this difficult period to embark on her own projects.

Thus, she launched her cosmetics brand which is a hit in France! So much so that its products are already out of stock! Incredible isn’t it!

But that’s not all ! Carla Moreau’s girlfriend has also made appearances in the projects of some artists. Especially rappers!

This is the case of Thabiti who mentioned her name in several of her titles: War Zone (13 organized); But also in the sound: Maeva Ghennam.


And the bimbo is very proud of it! So it is with joy that she agreed to appear in her music video!

On social networks, Maeva Ghennam therefore shared a story in which we see her dancing in the Thabiti clip!

Of course, she does not leave her dog Hermès! Not even her ultra tight and sexy outfit! So she wears red leggings and a pair of luxury heels!

One thing is certain, she is really very comfortable! The Marseillais is therefore in its element! She does not stop smiling, while making her gaze of embers!

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One thing is certain, her fans can’t wait to see the clip! The star is so popular that more and more Internet users are following her.


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