Maeva Ghennam revealed details of her attack!


Maeva Ghennam is in shock … Two days ago, the beautiful Marseillaise suffered a stabbing attack when leaving her home …

Thunderclap in the Marseillais family! The beautiful Maeva Ghennam had bad encounters when she left her home …

Certainly the famous family often has problems … Indeed, between burglaries and assaults, it is difficult for them to feel safe!

Some have therefore made the choice to go abroad, such as the Garcia or the Tanti. The Guedj, meanwhile, had decided to go to London to recharge their batteries last year …

Indeed, following a burglary attempt, Carla and Kevin had chosen an effective solution to recover from the shock… They were right!

Maeva Ghennam had also been the victim of an attempted burglary. However, for her, no question of leaving!

The beautiful brunette had therefore threatened her attackers in a story saying that she would have her house monitored 24 hours a day. To great evils, great means!


If Maeva Ghennam had decided to stay in Marseille, one wonders if she will still want to… Indeed, when she left her home on Wednesday evening, the beauty was attacked with a stabbing weapon!

A real shock for her who does not recover … Magali Berdah, her agent, therefore took the floor to give her news.

Thus, she explained in a press release: “Physically she is fine, she is in a safe place. I can confirm to you that she was attacked last night by individuals in front of her house with stabbing weapons. So we might as well tell you that psychologically she is really traumatized. At the moment, she cannot speak. ”

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A real shock for the fans of Maeva Ghennam who have not heard from her anymore! They hope above all that she is better …

Indeed, under her Insta photos, the pretty brunette receives a lot of support! Pretty words that will touch the Marseillaise!


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