Maeva Ghennam responds to her relationship with Sisika!


For several weeks, a rumor has circulated between Maeva Ghennam and Sisika. They would have formed a couple.

Is Maeva Ghennam in a relationship with the rapper, Sisika? Tired of the rumors about her, the reality TV candidate has finally given an element of answer.

In a relationship with ? Not in a relationship? Maeva Ghennam’s love life is intriguing. Indeed, Internet users always seek to know if a man shares his life.

However, the pretty brunette, known in the Marseillais, prefers to remain discreet about it. According to her, her private life does not concern her subscribers.

Still, some of her biggest admirers can’t help but snoop. Thus, it is said that the young woman would be in a relationship.

So Maeva Ghennam would be dating Sisika. Recently, the two lovebirds would have quarreled in a nightclub, in plain view.

So a lot of people have been imagining them together for at least three years. Some even think that she was cheating on Greg, her former boyfriend, with the rapper.

After weeks of hearing these rumors, the main interested party wanted to react on social networks. It’s very simple: she is not in a relationship.


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