Maeva Ghennam ready to redo cosmetic surgery?


It’s no secret that Maeva Ghennam has had a lot of cosmetic surgery in recent years! Indeed, the young woman of 23 years does not hide anything from her subscribers!

So, not long ago, ex-Greg Yega explained to his fans that she wanted to play pool again! Indeed, the candidate of the Marseillais indicated to her subscribers that she wanted to have a breast reduction!

And for good reason, Maeva Ghennam has lost much weight in recent months, so she finds that her large breasts do not match her new figure! Moreover, she also finds that her breasts are way too heavy!

Maeva Ghennam assumes her stretch marks on Instagram

On Saturday September 5, 2020, Maeva Ghennam posted a photo of her in a bikini! A shot where the beautiful brunette is from the back, and where we can therefore see some stretch marks on his posterior!

Thus, the young woman posted the following message in the caption: “I take responsibility for my stretch marks, my cellulite and my orange skin. »A message that Internet users have validated en masse! MCE TV therefore invites you to read some Internet user comments!

“Too beautiful Maeva Ghennam, self-acceptance is so important! “” Well done Maeva, you are pushing your community to follow your example and love each other! It’s so important to love yourself! “” But what a beauty, you are right to assume, these are not faults! ”

We can thus read on the social network of the candidate of the Marseillais vs the rest of the world! A post that we suggest you admire below!

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