Maeva Ghennam ready to fall back into Greg’s arms?


Between Maeva Ghennam (Les Marseillais) and Greg, it’s I love you, me neither. But since the assault of the beautiful brunette, they are close!

After Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj, a new couple is talking about him a lot in Les Marseillais. They are Maeva Ghennam and Greg. The latter seem to take the same path as Ruby’s parents.

As a reminder, Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj have never stopped parting and getting back together. Maeva Ghennam’s friend often forgave her sweetheart’s deceptions. Before they ended their relationship over a year ago.

But now, Kevin Guedj and Carla Moreau are parents. And the pattern of their relationship is very similar to that of Maeva Ghennam and Greg. Indeed, the two fell in love with each other. But they don’t seem compatible.

If Greg is madly in love with the pretty brunette, the latter needed his freedom. In almost every adventure, they try to get back together. But their relationship always ends in a breakdown.


Greg didn’t hesitate to eliminate Maeva Ghennam in Les Marseillais vs the Rest of the World. But it would appear to be ancient history. Indeed, since the attack on the young woman, they have been very close.

According to sources, Greg even spent the night with the reality TV contestant to reassure her. The two look drawn like magnets. They might even get back together on the set of the Marseillais.

This is what the lesmarseillaisvsrdm5_ Instagram account thinks. A fan also asked “Possible the return of the couple Maeva / Greg?” “. The blogger then replied: “I think they will get back together during the next shoot of the Marseillais”.

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It will therefore be necessary to be patient before finding out if the young woman will take the plunge again. Case to follow!


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