Maeva Ghennam (Les Marseillais), Nacca ve Eloise


Last year, Eloise made her first appearance in the Marseilles in the Caribbean. She had come as an anonymous to seduce Greg.

Eh yes! Remember! The latter absolutely wanted to forget Maeva Ghennam. Julien Tanti had therefore invited two young women… Including the beautiful Eloise.

But the latter had a real crush on Nacca. So this charming man made his heart beat to the point.

After giving him hope, he finally paired up with her. But this year in Les Marseillais VS le Reste du Monde, Nacca would have missed…

In the trailer, he is then seen kissing Charlotte, a candidate from the rest of the world. Which would have destroyed his relationship with Eloise.


So, according to rumors, the two lovebirds would have separated after the shooting of the Marseillais vs the rest of the World 5.

Other hallway noises testify as they allegedly broke up to make the buzz… So netizens are wondering about their relationship.

But Maeva Ghennam brought them more light. And for good reason! She is currently in Paris with a girlfriend. So she spent an evening with Nacca and Eloise who are also there.

And seeing them, she said on Snapchat, “Oh lovers!” ». Maeva Ghennam tends to make mistakes. So fans are convinced that Nacca is still with Eloise.

One thing is for sure! Internet users are looking forward to discovering the first episode of Marseillais tonight on W9. So you will have the answer in a few weeks. So be patient, everything comes to the point of who knows how to wait.

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